Guidelines For Teachers

    • KISD teachers who are currently under contract are eligible to use the Teacher Media Center.
    • During the school year, district approved volunteers referred by their volunteer coordinator may use the Teacher Media Center to make things for teachers. Use them! They volunteer because they like to help.
    • The cost of tag board, construction paper, lamination and other supplies are not charged to the employee or campus but come out of the media center’s budget. NO UNUSED MATERIALS MAY BE TAKEN OUT OF THE CENTER. Supplies are provided for projects done here, not a supplement when campuses run low. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FEW LIMITS we have and use all materials in a conservative manner.
    • PLEASE fill out a usage sheet on the desk by the door every time you come in, even if you didn’t use any supplies listed. These surveys are used to show how much the Teacher Media Center is needed and used.
    • The machines and equipment available at the Teacher Media Center represent a considerable investment. In order for them to last through the years, each person needs to be instructed in the correct procedure of operation. Please feel free to ask if you’re not sure about something. We’re here to help you.
    • Using the letter presses – If you want your die cut to be laminated, laminate the whole sheet of paper before cutting. Cut paper into strips appropriate to the size of the die you are cutting. Use no more than two layers of paper at a time. Slide paper and die, rubber side down, into the machine. Make sure die is inserted completely. Pull down the handle only once. If the press doesn’t cut on the first time down, it won’t cut any better by bringing the handle down again and again. Tell the media center staff if press is not cutting.
    • Each letter press costs $400.00. The dies cost from $25.00 to $350.00 eachPlease be responsible when using them and be sure to put away these expensive dies so that they are not lost when you are finished.
    • Have fun while you are here!

    Please do not bring children during summers hours.