• AVID tutor working with two students using laptops.

    The AVID tutor takes an active part in developing the academic and personal strength of AVID students.

    The AVID tutor receives training in and utilizes AVID strategies (WICR: writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading). 

    The AVID tutor becomes a master of each stage of the AVID tutorial and inquiry learning process, as described below:

    1. Students take Cornell notes in their academic classes.
    2. Students complete the Tutorial Request Form (TRF), including two higher-level questions from their academic class, Cornell notes, homework, classwork, quizzes, and/or tests.
    3. As students enter the room, the teacher/tutor checks and/or collects the TRFs. The resources students bring to class to support their questions are also checked.
    4. Students are divided into tutorial groups of seven or fewer.
    5. One student begins the tutorial by presenting a higher-level question to the group. Tutor and group members ask questions to guide the student presenter through the inquiry process.
    6. Group members/tutor check the student presenter understands of the answer to his/her question by asking clarifying questions.
    7. Steps 5 and 6 are repeated for all group members.
    8. Students complete a written reflection on their learning (content and/or process).
    9. Students turn in their TRFs to teacher/tutor for grading and feedback.
    10. Teacher/tutors/students debrief the tutorial process. Students verify their learning in their academic classes.

    The AVID tutor assists AVID students in developing personal pride.

    The AVID tutor:

    1. Assists students in the successful completion of college eligibility requirements.
    2. Provides academic support for students in rigorous courses.
    3. Encourages students to enroll in a four-year college or university after high school graduation.
    4. Serves as a role model/mentor to AVID students.

    AVID tutors are active learners, not experts. As a tutor, it is expected and understood that you will: 

    1. Be positive and professional at all times.
    2. Arrive on time and prepared for class.
    3. Act as a role model in behavior and wear appropriate attire at all times.
    4. Assist students in maintaining their AVID binders (with calendar, assignment sheets, TREs, and daily Cornell notes in all academic classes).
    5. Actively participate in collaborative groups and tutorials.
    6. Participate in AVID field trips and motivational activities (when possible).
    7. Inform teacher in advance of absences/tardies on a tutorial day.
    8. Become familiar with the specific routines and expectations of each AVID teacher’s classroom.
    9. Facilitate the tutorial learning process and implement AVID methodologies.
    10. Adhere to district/site policies and procedures.
    11. Complete 16 hours of tutor training.

    For more information about becoming a tutor contact Killeen ISD Advanced Academic Specialist, John Jackson, at 254-336-0323.