• The Texas Bioscience Institute offers STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) based programs to promote a skilled and knowledgeable medical and biotechnology workforce in Central Texas. In January 2006, the TBI received a Middle College designation providing aspiring high school students the opportunity to earn up to 60 college credit hours in a STEM–focused, foundational curriculum.

    The goal of the Middle College program is to create young scientists. Taking rigorous college-level courses, participating in seminars focused on a range of STEM research projects, and participating in scientific laboratories engaged in cutting-edge research are all a part of this academic focus and the Institute experience.

    TBI students enjoy the following benefits:

    • Accessible, affordable higher education with guidance and support from trained Temple College staff
    • Opportunity to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from Temple College with college credits that will transfer to many universities
    • Participation in special seminars and practicum experiences in STEM-related fields, with an emphasis on experiential learning

    TBI Admission Criteria

    Students interested in attending the TBI Middle College program are required to meet certain admissions requirements. Admissions to the TBI program is competitive, so minimum qualifications do not guarantee acceptance to the program.

    1. Students are required to be entering juniors.
    2. Students must have taken Pre-AP Algebra II, Biology I, and Chemistry I before entrance into the TBI. These three classes must be completed with an 80 or higher average.
    3. Students must pass a college readiness exam: TSIA, PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.

    If students meet the above minimum requirements, they are eligible to submit an application packet. Admission packets are acquired from and returned to the student's high school counselor's office.