• Equipment Repair and Turn‐in

    Technology-related equipment: Campus Techs/Department heads coordinate directly with the Technology Services Department before turning in equipment and contacting them for the repair of computers and related district-issued equipment.

    Campuses and departments turning in technology-related equipment for disposal must complete a School Dude request, and provide at a minimum the Barcode, Serial Number, and General Description of items to be turned in, the location, and point of contact if necessary.

    Office furniture and other property: Campuses and departments may request repair or turn in office furniture and other similar property and equipment. Submit a School Dude request with a description of the work to be performed, the type of equipment, and whether a turn-in or repair is needed.

    Note: Property Management does not maintain a stock level of spare parts. The crew will do their best to fix the furniture with the parts available.


    Transfer of equipment

    Submit a School Dude request and attach an Asset Transfer Form filled out with all pertinent information. In the Work Order state where equipment to be transferred is located and the point of contact at the gaining destination.