• Per District Policy vendors shall not contact Board members individually for the purpose of soliciting a purchase or contract between the time a request for proposal or a bid is formally released, and a recommendation is made by the administration to the Board. If a vendor violates this prohibition during this time frame, consideration of the vendor for award shall be invalidated. Board members shall be notified of possible violations and actions taken.

    Contact between vendors and District personnel during the proposal process or evaluation process is prohibited. Any attempt by vendors during the proposal process to contact District personnel may result in disqualification. All communication shall go through the Purchasing Office during this process. All questions received and the corresponding answers will be distributed to all bidders via the electronic bid system. No verbal responses will be provided. The deadline for questions about this proposal is stated in the Event Details and the District will not respond to questions after this time and date. The vendors will be responsible for checking the website for any posted Q&A.