• School Support Services provides Army school-aged youth with educational opportunities, resources, and information necessary to achieve academic success. A branch of Child & Youth Services (CYS), School Support Services, features School Liaison Officers (SLOs), who help schools, installations, and families to work together for student achievement.

    SLOs are your best support in the area of education, schools and military transition. SLOs are knowledgeable in current education news and policies. They act as the conduit between Killeen ISD, your family, and Fort Cavazos.

    How do they do it? By:

    • Helping schools understand the challenges military families face
    • Informing parents about local school policies
    • Giving families information about local schools, graduation requirements, after-school programs, youth sponsorship and homeschooling
    • Connecting units and schools through partnership initiatives
    • Conducting workshops to help parents navigate educational transition and advocate for their children
    • Providing an array of resources that benefit military youth and improve school experiences

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    Child & Youth Services School Liaison Office
    254.288.7946   |   Email:  usarmy.hood.imcom-fmwrc.mbx.slo@mail.mil 

    Picture of 3 school liaison officers, text reads: Ms. Davenport, Ms. Jones, Ms. Smith