High School Readiness

  • High School Readiness is an opportunity for your high school student to come to campus and receive important back-to-school information before the first day of school.

    See Below To View Times and Dates For Each High School Campus 

    Questions? Please contact your campus for more information.


  • 9th Grade
    Aug. 7
    9-11am: A-M
    1-3pm: N-Z

    10th-12th Grade
    Aug. 8
    9-10am: 10th Grade
    11am-12pm: 11th Grade
    1-2pm: 12th Grade

Early College

  • 9th Grade at Ft. Cavazos Campus 
    Aug. 7
    9:30am - 12pm (A-K) 

    1:30pm - 4pm (L-Z)

    10th Grade at Ft. Cavazos Campus 
    Aug. 8 
    9:30am - 12pm (A-K)

    1:30pm - 4pm (L-Z)

    11th Grade at CTC Campus
    Aug. 8 
    9:30am - 12pm (A-K)
    1:30pm - 4pm (L-Z)

    12th Grade at CTC Campus
    Aug. 7
    1:30pm - 4pm 


    9&10th Grade ECHS - Fort Cavazos Campus, 51000 Tank Destroyer Blvd. 
    11th&12th Grade CHS - CTC Campus, 6200 W. Central Texas Expwy., Anderson Center - 2nd floor 


  • 9th Grade
    Freshman Orientation: Aug. 7, 9am-6pm

    Freshman Eagle Fest: Aug. 10, Noon-3pm

    10th Grade
    Sophomore Readiness: Aug. 8, 9am-6pm

    11th & 12th Grade
    Readiness Day: Aug. 9, 9am-6pm

Harker Heights

  • Readiness Day 1 
    Aug. 9 
    9am (12th Grade)
    1:30pm (10th Grade & 11th Grade)

    Readiness Day 2
    Aug. 10
    9am (9th Grade A-M) 
    1:30pm (Grade N-Z) 


  • 10th-12th Grade
    Aug. 3

    9th Grade & New 10th-12th Grade
    Aug. 5


  • 9th and New Students
    Aug. 8
    9am (A-L)
    11:30 am (M-Z)

    Readiness Day: 10th-12th Grade
    Aug. 10

Pathways Academic Campus

  • August 11 

    8:30 am- 9:30 am (A-K)
    9:45 am - 10:45 am (L-Z)