Dual Credit

  • Dual credit allows students to earn both high school graduation and college credit simultaneously. Killeen ISD offers a variety of dual credit options in partnerships with Central Texas College and Temple College. Not all courses are available at every campus, so you will want to visit with your campus counselor to determine your goals, graduation path, and course availability. Guidelines for participating in dual credit courses as follows:

Admissions and Enrollment

  • In compliance with requirements of THECB Chapter 13, Subchapter B Section 13.25, TEC 54.014, and TAC 19, Part1, Chapter 4, Subchapter D, Killeen ISD will require all students to meet the following rules for qualification, enrollment, and participation in dual credit and concurrent enrollment courses:

    • Students must meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and all individual course prerequisites for enrollment in dual credit or concurrent enrollment.
    • KISD allows two administrations of TSI for consideration of enrollment in dual credit. Students not meeting the TSI requirements by the second attempt in the spring semester will not be allowed enrollment in dual credit or concurrent enrollment courses during the following school year. Students may test, up to two attempts, each year.
    • Students must be admitted to Central Texas College or Temple College. See below for deadlines regarding the submission of applications:
    Central Texas College
    • KISD application deadline is the third Friday in April for fall admission and/or the first Friday in November for spring admission.
    • CTC application deadline is the first Friday in May for fall admission and/or the second Friday in November for spring admission.
    Texas BioScience Institute (TBI)
    • KISD application deadline for TBI is the second Friday in February for fall admission.
    • TBI application deadline is the Friday before Spring Break at Temple College for fall admission.

    Only students who meet KISD application deadlines will be considered for enrollment in dual credit programs. An exception will be made for students new to KISD for application to CTC.

Expectations and Ongoing Requirements

    • Students enrolled in dual credit classes are subject to the rules and procedures set forth by KISD, Central Texas College, and Temple College with regard to behavior, attendance, and academic integrity. Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct and rules in the student policy handbooks for each institution.
    • All grades earned in an approved dual credit or concurrent enrollment course will be entered on the high school transcript. Grades for courses that are dropped or failed will be transferred to the new course at the high school.
    • Tutorial sessions are recommended when grades fall below 80 and are required when grades fall below 75 anytime during the semester.
    • Transferable credits –Credits earned at a Texas state school will transfer to other Texas state schools; however; how the credit is applied is at the discretion of the receiving college. It is solely the responsibility of the dual credit student to understand the way in which the credit transfers to their selected college or university.

Continued Enrollment and Add/Drop

    • Students have the first five days of a course to drop and add another course in place of the dropped course at CTC. Students in TBI have the first two days of the course to drop and add another course. This course change requires meeting admission requirements for the new course and approval by the assigned counselor.
    • If a student drops a CTC course after day five, the student must enroll in the corresponding high school course, if such a course exists. The grade earned to date in the dual credit course must transfer with the student. A student who drops a course after day 5 may be required to pay tuition, fees, and book costs for all future dual credit courses. Courses dropped after day five must have the approval of the PAC counselor and be reported to the KISD Department of Secondary Curriculum.
    • Students who drop a TBI course after day two are required to enroll in the corresponding high school course, if such course exists, and may not be allowed to return to TBI in subsequent semesters.
    • Students who fail or drop a course at TBI, resulting in the student being unable to continue the prescribed course sequence will be dropped from the TBI program.
    • A failing grade at the nine-week grading period requires a conference that includes the parent, the student, and the assigned counselor. Topics of the conference will include opportunities/requirements for tutoring and discussion of possible removal from dual credit courses for the following term.
    • A failing grade at the end of the semester requires a conference between the student, parent, counselor, and campus administrator. Recommendations and requirements for the student’s continued participation in dual credit will be discussed. Based on the administrative recommendation at the conclusion of the conference, students may be required to pay for future dual credit courses.
    • Any student who fails a dual credit course (grade below 70 percent) may be required to pay costs for tuition, fees, and books for all subsequent courses.