New Teacher Induction

Killeen ISD professional staff understand and embrace the culture of the district and school and develop the skills needed to continuously improve the quality of work they provide students. As such, the district has the following expectations for newly hired teachers and adminstrators:

All Teachers New To KISD or Returning After Three Years or More:

  • Up to 3 days of scheduled induction
    • Including Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) Orientation
  • 1 Classroom Observation Day (within first semester of employment)
  • 6 hours of elective professional learning**

Teachers coming to KISD who taught in another Texas school district the previous school year:

  • Same requirements as Teachers New to KISD

Campus Principals and Assistant Principals New to KISD:

  • ½ day of induction (District Awareness)

All Other District Level and Campus Level Instructional Professionals:

  • ½ day of induction (District Awareness)

All District Level and Campus-Level Non-Instructional Professionals New To KISD:

  • ½ day of induction (District Awareness)

* All Induction expectations to be completed within first year of employment; in addition to the above, additional requirements may be assigned by supervisor.

** Elective Professional Learning (This professional learning is eligible for Exchange Day hours)

  • KISD/District sponsored and recorded in LEARN
  • Outside of contract day
  • Hours are eligible for Exchange Day
  • Hours must be recorded on Elective Recording form, signed by principal, and submitted to the Professional Learning Secretary at Jackson Professional Learning Center