Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • 2023-2024

    Killeen ISD believes that building and maintaining partnerships between students, parents, guardians, schools, and community members increases student achievement.  Partnerships help support an educational program that honors diversity while enhancing the students’ academic abilities.  Students will engage in superior and relevant learning opportunities that prepare them for success.


    Communication We believe communication between home and school is on-going and meaningful.  We stay in touch with parents, family, and community members in several key ways: Killeen ISD website, Killeen ISD social media accounts, fliers, school marquees, newsletters, live phone calls, automated phone calls, and emails.

    Parents, family, and community members may contact members of the district through phone calls, notes, letters, emails, and in person.  We strongly encourage parents to contact their student’s teacher and/or the school when there is a concern so that we can work together for the good of the student. To the extent practicable, pertinent information will be translated in both English and Spanish.  If information is needed in another language, please contact your student’s school or the Federal and State Programs department at (254) 336-0211.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


    Parent and Family Member Learning We will help you understand the challenging Texas academic standards, give you information about STAAR and Killeen ISD assessments, explain how to monitor your child’s progress, and how to work with teachers as a team to help your student succeed.  We offer classes to support you as you help your child at home, including how to stay current with learning strategies, academic materials, technology use, and the Special Education Parent Resource Center.   

    To encourage parent involvement and engagement, we strive to schedule key meetings and classes at flexible times and dates to include a morning and an afternoon/evening session. Send suggestions for learning topics to our Parenting Specialist at (254) 336-0211.


    Early Literacy Clubs Parents of Killeen ISD students are invited to bring their children not yet enrolled in school to our early literacy clubs.  Campus Program Contacts or Parent Liaisons provide activities that make learning a fun experience and give parents tips on early reading activities to do at home. For locations, times, and age information, please contact the nearest elementary school or call the Parenting Specialist at (254) 336-0211.


    District Improvement Plan  The development of the district improvement plan is a collaborative effort.  Killeen ISD staff, parents, community, and business partners review data, discuss needs, and create the plan. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact the Federal and State Programs department at (254) 336-0211.


    Title I Program Evaluation Our Title I program is evaluated annually. A parent survey gathers input on the effectiveness of Title I Programs.  The survey can be found on the Killeen ISD website under the Federal and State Programs department.


    Written Parent and Family Engagement Policy   The annual review of our Parent and Family Engagement Policy occurs each spring.  Parent, family, and community member input is greatly appreciated and welcomed. A parent advisory committee meets to discuss and make changes to the Parent and Family Engagement policy for the next school year.  The policy is posted on the Killeen ISD Website under the Federal and State Programs department/Parent, Family and Community Engagement. If you are interested in serving on the parent advisory committee, call the Parenting Specialist at (254) 336-0211.


    Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts that parents, family members, students, and community members may provide to support our schools.  Volunteers serve to reinforce and enrich the education process. Throughout the school year, our volunteer coordinators conduct volunteer orientations that outline Killeen ISD policies.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact the school of interest or call the Parenting Specialist at (254) 336-0211.


    Staff Awareness Our staff receives training each school year about the value of parent and family member contributions at school.  We explain how to reach out to, build ties with, and work with parents as equal partners to make sure that all students are successful in their learning. Our staff is kept up to date on our various parent programs, their role in the implementation and coordination of the programs, and how they can encourage parent and family participation.


    Campus Level Support The Federal and State Programs department provides continuous support to Killeen ISD campuses. Staff trainings, parent resources, family empowerment sessions, newsletters, and literacy programs are offered throughout the year.


    Killeen ISD Parent and Family Member Classes Killeen ISD offers classes free of charge for English as a Second Language and TxCHSE (GED) preparation. Parent and family learning opportunities are offered throughout the year. In addition, parents may attend and participate in the parent advisory committee meetings. Contact the Federal and State Programs department for more information at (254) 336-0211/0240.


    Reviewed & Revised:  06/20/2023