Parent Family Engagement Policy

VISION: KISD focuses on cohesive partnerships between parents, family members, guardians, students, campuses, district & community members. We do this to ensure that a well-rounded comprehensive educational program is in place that honors diversity in culture and learning styles, while enhancing the students’ academic abilities. Students will engage in superior, meaningful, relevant learning opportunities, which prepare them for future success. 

PURPOSE: To build and nurture strong relationships between schools, parents & family members, 
guardians & community; to enhance the capacity for strong two-way meaningful parent & family member engagement and increased student achievement as required by Federal, State, and local law. 

  1. To increase the effectiveness of our parent and family member engagement program by conducting winter & spring evaluations, utilizing data & technology to identify barriers and develop evidence- based strategies that will guide the revision of our policy annually.
  2. To ensure coordination and integration of parent and family member engagement strategies and activities with other programs at the district and campus levels targeted at increasing student achievement. (SAS- Staff Awareness Sessions)
  3. To provide schools coordination, technical assistance, and planning support in program implementation, resulting in diverse parent and family member engagement strategies that support increased academic student achievement in all core subject areas and promotes healthy eating and life-style choices.

The Written Parent & Family Engagement Policy is designed around our district’s vision, mission, objectives, and values. As a result of these shared ideas: 
  • KISD, parents & family members, community and schools will work together as a team to develop training opportunities for staff all stakeholders intended to ensure superior academic achievement for all students. (curriculum and assessments of learning)
  • Schools will provide a friendly, responsive environment in which parents & family members feel welcome as partners. Opportunities to engage in parent & family organizations (visit your campus website for campus specific information.) in the comprehensive, rigorous, educational process built upon integrity, respect, and a caring attitude. KISD provides technology innovation for classroom support, leadership development, and parent & family and community engagement, so that diverse learning styles are honored, and students achieve to their maximum potential.
  • District financial accountability that allows transparency and input from all concerned parties as a key component to providing maximum efforts focused on educating all students to their full potential for future success in the endeavors of their choice.

As a result of our stated vision, purpose, expectations, mission, objectives, and values, we pledge to: 
home-school communication via websites, newsletters, phone calls, home and campus visits, voicemail, Home Access Center, on-going conferences, Special Programs Parent & Family events, parent resources and forms of written communications provided to the extent feasible, in the language parents & family members can understand. (CFP&Os, Early Literacy Clubs)    
Maintain our Volunteer Program, Special Education Department Parent Resource Center, knowledge and skills in all schools, support for daily at home learning, head-start and other public preschool learning and support sites, in order to increase student achievement, parent and family attendance at district and campus level events and parent & family empowering learning opportunities. These are a few examples of the types of activities offered.  Childcare provided during special evening events. Call for more information.          

Visit KISD webpage, select Special Programs Department, then Parent, Family & Community Engagement.     
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Thank you, District PAC, for being the parent voice in this process!   Would you like to participate as a PAC member?         
Here’s how!   Call 336-0211/0280/0240.  Email: with comments or questions. Lend your voice and be heard! Serve on the 2020-2021 PAC (Parent Advisory Council).   
Document review and revision dates:   03/4/2020 & Virtual Review 05/19/2020