Celebrating the 100th Day of School in Killeen ISD

KISD kids are 100 days smarter!  

100th day studentsThe 100th day of school is celebrated in schools around the country, usually in mid-February. It is an exciting milestone for many elementary classrooms as it signifies both the halfway point of the year and for some, it is a celebration of their first 100 days in school.

At Haynes Elementary, kindergarten students visited classrooms and celebrated their 100th day of school with activities that included food, paint, hats, and more!  

haynes 5th gradersStudents from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade took on the challenge of making the number 100 in one hundred different ways. With the help of their amazing teachers and classroom aides, they met the challenge, resulting in a giant poster illustrating their thinking.

Campus Instructional Specialist, Jennifer Kennison said, “Our staff at Haynes is so thankful for the honor of taking the journey of growth and celebration with our Hornets as they strive to achieve their goals this year!” 

students working in a classroopmClassrooms across the campus wrote 100-day word problems and made lists of 100 words they know how to read.

Elementary students from other campuses throughout the district also joined in on the fun! 

Including the Carney Cubs, who dressed up as centenarians, creating shirts with 100 items on them, and sorting 100 snacks! 

Kindergarten Teacher, Samantha Thompson from Cedar Valley Elementary used graphic design and a little imagination to morph her students' likeness into a 100 year-old version of themselves. 

little girls dressed as gandmasRuth Lake, a campus instructional specialist at Pershing Park Elementary praised teachers for planning such a fun day of learning. Adorned with their crowns that read ‘You can count on me’, the youngest Pumas practiced counting to 100 using a variety of math manipulatives. 

little girl dressed as a grandmaKindergartner Josephine O. from Alice W. Douse Elementary clutched her purse as she posed for her photo. She commented on what 100 days of school meant to her by saying, “Before I turn 100, I want to be a veterinarian and the very best chef, like my mom and my nana. I am smarter now and I’m excited about another 100 days of learning fun things in school.” 

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