Cash in Lieu

  • All employees electing Cash In Lieu must provide proof of coverage and submit a Cash In Lieu of Medical Coverage Attestation Form to be eligible for any district contribution. 

    During the Open Enrollment period (October 1-31) to participate in the program for Benefit year 2024, employees insured by VA, Tricare, ChampVA, TRS Retiree, and Medicare must submit all documentation no later than November 30, 2023. All other participants' documentation must be received by January 30, 2024. All letters for Open Enrollment must be received by the specified due dates. Only letters received before January 10, 2024, will be eligible for a January payment. There will be no retroactive payment. 

    All letters for New Hire enrollment must be received within the first thirty days of the hire date. 

    All coverage letters should be emailed to

    Cash In Lieu Flow Chart

    Cash in Lieu Attestation Form