Your Guide to a Successful Year at Chaparral High School

  • Bobcat Parents, we would like to take a moment to highlight the significance of the student and parent handbook at Chaparral High School. This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource that provides all the essential information you need for a successful academic year. One of its key features is the detailed explanation of the procedures governing our campus operations. From arrival and dismissal protocols to attendance policies, the handbook ensures clarity and consistency in our day-to-day activities. By familiarizing yourselves with these procedures, you can actively participate in your child's education and support their overall success. We encourage you to review the student handbook thoroughly and utilize it as a reference throughout the year.

    Together, we can create an environment conducive to growth, learning, and achievement.

    View the Student and Parent Handbook below. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • The Killeen ISD Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct have been developed to provide you with the District’s guidelines on behavior for our students. These publications offer information to assist you in responding to school-related issues.

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