• Our Community Designed District Goals

    Call To Action: Lifelong learners engage in personalized educational opportunities to create their own success and thrive in an ever-changing world.

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    District Goals and Strategies  |  What we accomplish together.

    Goal 1:      Killeen ISD will provide relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning opportunities to achieve academic success and graduate future-ready students.

    Goal 2:      Killeen ISD will recruit, retain, and develop highly qualified staff by providing professional growth opportunities and supporting employee wellness and self-care.

    Goal 3:      Killeen ISD will engage in transparent, timely communication with all stakeholders to build positive, supportive relationships with the community. 

    Goal 4:      Killeen ISD will meet the social-emotional needs of all students by fostering resilient relationships and providing a safe and healthy learning environment. 

    Goal 5:      Killeen ISD will efficiently manage and allocate district resources to maximize student learning opportunities.

    Learner Outcomes  |  Our highest hopes for KISD students. 

    Communication Skills:
    All learners will communicate effectively by utilizing the appropriate modality. 

    Student Success:
    All KISD students will demonstrate academic, social, and emotional growth. 

    Personalized Learning:
    Each learner will achieve individual goals within a personal success plan.

    Each KISD student will be college, career, and/or military ready upon graduation. 

    Problem Solving/Critical Thinking:
    Learners will work individually and collaboratively in problem-solving, employing critical thinking and creativity in finding solutions to real-life situations. 

    Learner Profile  |  Our vision for every KISD learner. 

    A KISD Learner Demonstrates:

    1. Collaboration

    2. Effective Communication

    3. Global Connectedness

    4. Resilience

    5. Adaptability

    6. Empathy

    7. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

    8. Innovation


    Mission: Teach so that students learn to their maximum potential. 

    Vision: Through the implementation of a full, innovative, rigorous, comprehensive education program, Killeen ISD will provide superior learning opportunities so that upon graduation, students are prepared for success in the workforce and/or in higher education.