• Our Community Designed District Goals

    Priority  1:  Student Success

    1.1     Pathways for All students to build connections.
    1.2     All students meet or exceed the Texas grade level standards in reading and writing.  
    1.3     All students meet or exceed the Texas grade level standards in math.
    1.4     All students will graduate from high school ready to enroll in post-secondary education, enlist in the military and/or enter the workforce.

    Priority 2:  Human Capital 

    2.1     To recruit and retain staff, the district will promote a positive work environment, and provide a competitive compensation and benefits plan. 
    2.2     The District will implement effective standards and practices that will consistently and strategically staff campuses and departments.
    2.3     The District will identify and provide ongoing training and coaching needed for staff to build their professional capacity.
    2.4     All staff will have formal and informal opportunities to give and receive feedback regarding job satisfaction and performance. 

    Priority 3:  Financial Stewardship

    3.1     The District will use data-driven planning to prioritize resource allocations.
    3.2     The District will prepare budgets using transparent and open communication among stakeholders. 
    3.3     The District will continuously evaluate and update policies and procedures to foster a positive culture and climate.
    3.4     District Operational Departments training will focus on effective and sustainable use of district resources and procedures.

    Mission: Teach so that students learn to their maximum potential. 

    Vision: Through the implementation of a full, innovative, rigorous, comprehensive education program, Killeen ISD will provide superior learning opportunities so that upon graduation, students are prepared for success in the workforce and/or in higher education.

  • Adopted by the Killeen ISD Board of Trustees on February, 13, 2024.