Killeen ISD Goals and Priorities

Killeen Independent School District
Goals and Priorities

Goal 1:      Killeen ISD will maintain rigorous standards of achievement to prepare all learners for graduation and post-secondary success. 

  • Achieve reading scores at or above the state average, and set annual incremental targets for improvement at all levels across the district.
  • Increase blended learning opportunities and provide appropriate professional development and support to ensure effective instructional strategies are implemented.
  • Continuously work to improve Special Education services and survey parents to determine support for a Special Education Academy for which attendance would be voluntary.
  • Work to improve efficiencies at the campus level thereby providing teachers the ability to focus on the primary mission of teaching and learning.
  • Work to increase college entrance exam scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT) and continue to grow dual enrollment opportunities for all students to include the provision of “On Ramp” courses for high school students.

Goal 2:      Killeen ISD will recruit, employ, develop, and retain a highly effective staff that proactively engages students for success.

  • Implement professional development programs for staff and administrators, which maximize their performance capacity.
  • Continually offer employees a highly competitive compensation and benefits package.

Goal 3:      All Killeen ISD personnel will promote effective parental and community involvement through communication, participation, and partnerships in accomplishing the district's goals.

  • Work to increase overall parental satisfaction with the special education programming and services.
  • Work to educate and promote the academic programming and choices available to students and families throughout the district.

Goal 4:      Killeen ISD will provide a safe, healthy, secure, and orderly environment for students, staff, families and community.

  • Clearly communicate that fairness is an expectation and all procedures and laws will be followed. Campus disciplinary actions will be supported to ensure campus safety and security.
  • Instill student support programs which include the promotion of citizenship courses and activities on each campus.

Goal 5:      Killeen ISD will maintain efficient and effective management of resources and operations to maximize learning for all students and staff.

  • Effectively manage future state and federal revenue allocations while ensuring fiscal responsibility and promoting excellent academic programs throughout the district.
  • Strategically manage student growth and future facility needs while growing academic programs which accommodate student choice and academic needs.
  • Conduct efficiency audits of programs to determine financial efficiency, effective use of staff resources and time, and develop a rationale for the continuation of programs or develop a plan for discontinuation.
  • Conduct a facilities efficiencies study and develop a goal to reduce or eliminate portable buildings and revisit the possibility of using the Fort Hood football stadium and constructing a stadium in partnership with Texas A&M Central Texas or other partner in the future.